Remember the Cross
 Retreat. Return. Revive.

a personal encounter with Christ


















I’m Brad Ficklin, pastor of Koinonia Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For the past two years, we’ve been developing 25 acres of land off Route 66 into a beautiful retreat space to serve as an outreach of our church.    


We are creating a self-guided retreat experience through the pivotal stops of Jesus’ journey to the cross. Each stop will give guests the opportunity to meditate, pray and reflect on their own personal walk with Christ. We’re calling it: Remember the Cross. 


Serving the Church Body as a whole, Remember the Cross is a filling station for those who need to rest and remember why they’re choosing to live their life for Jesus. We know the journey isn’t always easy, but by remembering the cross, we’ll gain the endurance we need to continue running our race.  


Up until this point, we’ve been leasing the land. I’m honored to announce that we are officially purchasing, and have already built four of the 10 reflection stops on the journey to Calvary. 


Our goal is to have 10 reflection areas modeling Christ’s journey to the cross, as well as renovating the existing building into a sanctuary for worship; we are looking for partners to help make that a reality. This mission will serve individuals, churches, businesses and ministries looking to renew their leaders and staff.


The doors are open and the testimonies of lives touched by this unique experience have begun…but we need help to continue building out the vision. Here’s where we need you.


I want to personally invite you to visit and see our land for yourself. Come retreat, return and revive your spirit through a personal encounter with Christ as you Remember the Cross.

In His Service, 

Pastor Brad

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Pastor Brad Ficklin leads us in reflection and worship at the Koinonia Church Remember the Cross Center on Route 66. It's available for viewing on our YouTube channel here.

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