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Sunday sermons

The Journey of the Cross


God has called us as followers of Christ to a difficult journey of self-sacrifice, which has as its end a glorious resurrection to eternal life. 


While we are on our earthly journey, we are led through a process of transformation, whereby we lay aside sin and our flesh. This process entails many trials, which  we endure by the empowerment of His Spirit in us. These trials are a purification process leading to increased sanctification.


Every trial encourages us to seek more of Him, and less of ourselves. We must seek to "enter into His rest," which is the security and peace we have in the knowledge of Christ's accomplished work of redemption on the cross.


As we bear our cross on this journey, we do not do so alone, but seeking the support and fellowship of each other. Our ultimate confidence must come from Christ alone, as we rely on Him, placing no confidence in ourselves.


Hebrews 12:1-2


1 Corinthians 15:49-50


Hebrews 3–4


1 Peter 2:21


Acts 14:22


John 10:1-10

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