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God's word, revealed to us in His holy book, the Bible, is the daily bread that we need to sustain and grow ourselves spiritually as followers of Jesus Christ.

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Sunday sermons

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Sunday sermons in the Gardens


A Dispensation of Grace — Richard Esterly

We are saved because of the finished work of Christ, not because of our own efforts. Jesus is our all-sufficient source and sacrifice, and we should not think that we need add anything else, whether an overly zealous legalism or misguided self-righteousness. As Jesus said, to do the work of God is to simply believe in Him. We are to remain in Him as He instructed us to "remain in the vine."

Galatians 3
John 6:27-29
John 15:1-27

A Firm Foundation in Times of Crisis — Jamie Sanchez

Times of trial, as we are presently experiencing, will reveal to us what is solid and what is not, and whether we have laid our own foundation upon the only solid rock that will endure. This is a perfect time to assess where we have laid our own foundations, and to align our priorities accordingly.

1 Corinthians 3:11-15

Focus on God's Priorities — Heather Ficklin

Following their return from 70 years of captivity in Babylon, the people of Israel lost sight of God's priorities for them, instead focusing mainly on their own earthly desires and needs. God corrected and instructed His people through the prophet Haggai, and they then redirected their priorities properly to His plans. We as God's people still need to hear His voice in this present day, especially in light of our present circumstances, which are an opportunity to reset our own priorities according to His kingdom plan for us.

Haggai 1:3-11

Learning to Love — Pastor Brad Ficklin

As followers of Jesus Christ, love is our foundation — love for God, and love for each other. God has brought us together to be a family. Times of trials and crisis drive us to grow in love for God and our church family. We must endeavor to make this love our first priority.

John 13:34-35
1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Matthew 9:17


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